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Heather Johnson's Weight  Loss S​tory

I know this picture is pretty GROSS but I want to show everyone HOW SICK I was, and what I HAD to live with and the battles I have to face INSIDE... BUT I am ALIVE and I made it... THANK YOU, GOD ! 

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My name is Heather Johnson,I have a 17-year-old son William who is the most important person in my life ;) I love to inspire, uplift, empower, embrace, validate, and love themselves and lead healthier lifestyles through my own journey of finding health and happiness. I have been on Atkins since April 2005 and I have lost a total of 275 pounds :) .. I feel amazing inside & outside... 200 with Atkins and 75 with Skinny Fiber! ( I am no longer taking any skinny body care products)

I'm so blessed to be able to work for myself at home, it's a dream come true. I love meeting people through my business and seeing their lives change because of the amazing products we represent or the income opportunity attached. There's nothing like the feeling of knowing that you were part of someone achieving their dreams! I know what it's like to be overweight and unhappy... to not be able to go through a day without your whole body hurting... to run out of breath walking up a flight of stairs... to receive looks and stares and people telling me that I'd be drop dead gorgeous if only I'd lose 50 lbs... to be the heaviest person at your family's gatherings... I know what it's like because I've struggled with my weight my entire life. I've tried everything and lost and gained hundreds of pounds. On that journey, I've met people just like me and discovered it is my passion to help others get healthy and lose weight. My life's mission is to change the world, one body at a 
time .

In February 2014, & May 2014 while living in Gainesville Fl, I was hit by a car and got hurt really bad. I'm still dealing with these accidents to these days and it's 2016. I have to have 2 knee replacements, I have 2 torn ACLS's I had to have my right hand operated on and I need 2 more surgeries to go. I have 7 herniated disks, and I knocked almost all of my ribs out of place. Along with head, neck, and back pain, memory issues, and a list a mile long. I was on bed rest, I decided, hey I will go ahead and get some surgery done for my weight loss. Stupid mistake. 1) I could NOT work out due to injuries, I didn't even think about it... and 2, the worst thing of my life... the surgeon I used butchered me. I woke up in the middle of SURGERY and felt EVERYTHING. He cut my thighs open and did not even REMOVE skin. He messed up my belly button and he had a hole inside of my body the size of a tennis ball, after 4 infections and a death bed, I survived and after all of that, I am dealing with scars, nightmares and so much more issues that I never in my life thought I would DEAL with.... my life changed and I dealt with depression, anxiety, PTSD.... I gained back almost 70 pounds and being on steroids for 7 months, I had to have a blood transfusion and an Iron transfusion. It was the scariest time of my life. I never felt so alone in my life.

After everything, I realized that these trials were just more battle scars and it's a part of growth and self-development. Every morning I wake up and read for an hour, and write down how I feel, and when I go to bed I write what I did for the day, how I feel, and three goals I want to achieve for that week. Every week I read it and it's my own personal self-help book. It's helping me see what I am doing, how I am feeling, and what I have been doing. The accidents didn't KILL ME! The INFECTIONS DIDN'T KILL ME!  I'M ALIVE. God gave me a NEW day, and I am so grateful for it!

I am now taking Sizzle along with a few other tools.  and restarted  Atkinsand I am down 10 pounds and feeling great :) ..  If you would like weight loss support, feel free to add us on Facebook we have a FREE WEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT GROUP! Join us  HERE  ...

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